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Want a simple, tasty meal? Preparing for guests, a special someone, or just in the mood for something different on your dining table? Browse through our collection of plant-based recipes, from soups to appetizers, from salads to main entrees. Our videos feature step-by-step instructions by Chef David, while our written recipes are downloadable. Don’t forget to cook them with King’s Vegetarian Foods products!

Vegan Appetizer Platter

Family and friends alike will delight in this appetizer plate which features King’s Soy Leg with honey mustard dressing, King’s Vegan Soy Nuggets with tamarind dip, Malaysian Satay (King’s Vegan Malaysian Satay) with coconut peanut sauce, King’s Vegan Meatballs in ricotta pasta with Italian tomato sauce and bacon-wrapped (King’s Vegan Bacon) baby potatoes. Cook all of them, or just one or two, for a party, an afternoon snack or a small get-together with family or friends. All are vegan except the meatballs and bacon-wrapped baby potatoes.

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Vegan Salmon Salad

Liven up your usual salad of balsamic vinaigrette dressing on fresh greens with slices of pan-seared fish fillet (King’s Vegan Fishless Soy Slices) and lightly sautéed vegetables and mushrooms, with droplets of sweet corn relish for garnish. It all comes together deliciously and appeals to the aesthetic eye as well.

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Sweet and Sour Vegan Beefy Bites

This comfort food that originated from Asia but is now well loved in Europe and the Americas is a favorite in many households. Here’s our take on it, featuring King’s Vegan Beefy Bites, spruced up with vegetables and fruits in colors of the rainbow.

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Vegetarian Codfish Citrus Salad

We added a twist to this triple-citrus salad — a base of beet greens and sprouts (mung bean and radish), the highlights being the mouth-watering mango dressing and chunks of tasty, plant-based codfish (King’s Vegetarian Cod Fish). Supplement your main entrée with it or turn it into your main course by adding potatoes or whole wheat bread.

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