Welcome to King’s Vegetarian Food Manufacturing Company

You will see us soon at your favourite local grocer or retailer as we expand our market to bring our healthy vegetarian and vegan products closer to you.

Our journey began in 1997 with King’s Café, a stand-alone restaurant in the Kensington Market area of Toronto. The restaurant is still there today and has an amazing following. You could say that back then, we were pioneers in this field — a vegetarian restaurant was a new concept, especially in the vicinity of Kensington Market. King's Cafe was the first of its kind there. Since then, we have opened more restaurants — the newer ones carry the name Zen Gardens. They all have a strong following due to great menus, delicious food and dedicated, highly capable staff. That’s what brings us to where we are today.

In the early years, we wanted to have the highest quality ingredients to serve our guests, but there was so little in the way of vegetarian and vegan products. So, we put up our own factory and started making our own! We were met with numerous challenges, to be sure, but we persevered! Now, we carry an inventory of about a hundred items, mostly vegan, all vegetarian. Most of our staff consume our products. That means our company has a strong understanding of the diet, products, health benefits and philosophy of vegetarianism.

When you come to visit us at our shop, you will see a vast array of products, including teas and other unique items.

We love to speak to our customers! We listen to their stories about why they are vegetarian / vegan, and we love hearing about the dishes they prepare using our products. Sometimes we actually get new ideas from them! That is the beauty of developing long-lasting friendships with our buyers, and we mean you.

We take care of all our consumers — the big retailers, the small restaurants, the hotels and especially you, our private customers. If you have feedback for us, we are more than happy to listen. We take your suggestions to heart and use them as springboards for the improvement of our products.

Whether you are a new vegetarian, wondering how to start, or thinking about the why of it all, come talk to us.

Perhaps you have already heard that reducing meat consumption in your diet can add years to your life. This fact has been verified by many, through research and actual experience. If you’re not ready to go full swing into the vegetarian / vegan diet, just reducing cholesterol and fat and bringing back natural ingredients into daily food consumption already promotes health through added nutrition: being a flexitarian is a great step in the right direction! This would mean having a balanced diet, eating the full colour spectrum (reds / oranges, greens, yellows and purples) and consuming everything in moderation.

Remember, we are here for you, your health and well being for the long haul.