About Us

KING’S VEGETARIAN FOOD MANUFACTURING CO. LTD. a fast growing household name to many has been around for more than ten years in Toronto. We started up our factory in Brampton back in 2000. During the early stages, we mainly produced vegetarian dim sum, mushroom and bean curd based products. Due to the growth of the market and the support from our valued customers, we’ve expanded on our line to include such as TVP, Konnyaku and Gluten based products.

In 2007, we moved to a bigger premise in Mississauga to accommodate new growth. We are now on our way to becoming one of the major manufacturers of vegan and vegetarian food products in Canada.


VEGETARIAN is a word from the Latin “VEGETUS”, meaning whole, sound, fresh and alive.

King’s Vegetarian Food tries to use natural food ingredients from fresh vegetables, texture soya protein, bean curd and other raw foods.

We also cater to the convenience of vegetarian beginners; or alternative foods seekers by making available frozen ready-to-eat lunch packs. We have also made available a series of unique sauces from our chefs for those who like to cook at home as well. Some simulated meat styles products give non-vegetarians especially a chance to try our vegetarian products. Taking vegetarian food is a great way to boost an environment friendly, greener and peaceful lifestyle. Providing you delicious, nutritious, healthy foods is our mission.

We continually strive to maintain a high quality control of our products. We look forward to developing and creating healthier foods as consumers look for more healthy choices.

We also want to keep our wonderful customers with newer products to add creativity to their lifestyles. It is always a great pleasure to welcome those who would like to join us for an environment friendly, healthier and peaceful world. We value your partnership as we head towards a greener world.

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